Second Homes

Vacation and second homes on the Texas Coast

The sandy beaches, warm waters and various activities give the Texas Coast an irresistible allure.

Second homes are properties that are used as a secondary residence, typically used for vacation or leisure purposes. Second homes can be in a variety of locations, including the beach, mountains, and urban areas.  Second homes can range in size and style, from small cottages to luxurious mansions.

Some people choose to purchase a second home as an investment, with the intention of renting it out to others when they are not using it. Others purchase a second home as a place to escape to for vacation or to spend time with family and friends. Some people use their second home as a place to retire to or to spend their golden years.

There are several factors to consider when purchasing a second home. These can include the location, size and style of the property, the local market conditions, and the cost of ownership. It is important to carefully consider all these factors and to consult with financial professionals before deciding. It is also a good idea to do your own research and to carefully evaluate the potential risks and rewards of any investment before deciding.

Vacation and second home market work requires understanding of the recreation and lifestyle market, tax treatments, and real estate investment.

  • Texas is one of the nation’s fastest growing states and strongest economies. Texas has now been named as the number one state in economic development by Business Facilities magazine.
  • With this kind of economic strength and population growth, residents of Texas’ metropolises alone provide a large continual supply of buyers for our coastal properties. Factor in the growing interest we have from out-of-state and international buyers – and our future never looked better.

Texas’ mighty Metros (Houston, San Antonio, Dallas, and Austin) are ranked among the nation’s most thriving cities, and they each have a favorite resort area on the Texas Coast within driving distance.

  • South Padre Island is minutes from Brownsville and a few hours from McAllen / Monterrey
  • Port Aransas is minutes from Corpus Christi and a few hours from San Antonio / Austin
  • Galveston is an hour from Houston, and Crystal Beach an hour from Beaumont
  • Dallas is a one-hour flight to any area on the Texas coast.

Happiness ROI

According to the latest science, Happiness is not about stuff, it’s about experiences and relationships, obviously love, so the Texas coast is one of your best gets for investing in you and your family’s long-term happiness! In addition, your friends’ happiness, and the many families that rent your second home for getaway-get togethers! Invest to bring more happiness into the world.

Buying a Second Home

Our twenty-five years living on the Texas coast can uniquely help you determine the type of ownership that’s best for you, for example, income, vacation, or retirement.

Most people looking for a second home are doing so for:

  • investment, to earn money from rental income or home-value appreciation
  • vacation, to find a destination for the family and friends to getaway and get-together
  • retirement, to establish a place to enjoy living after leaving the workforce

Choosing and staying focused on your goals will help you make better decisions, for example regarding the property type, location, and whether you will rent it out.  Knowing whether home type or home location is driving your decision will help you create a balance between the two.

For example, you might decide to buy a condo instead of a single-family home to buy in a more desirable area. Or you may decide to shift your location if your heart is set on owning a single-family home.

We’d like to help answer these questions and more such as:

  • Why are you Buying a Second Home
    • What’s your Main Reason?
    • Steps to Purchase a Second Home
    • The pros and cons
    • Popular product types
    • Lifestyles, Parts of town, and Views

  • What a Second Home Costs
    • Initial Costs to Buy the House
    • Ongoing ownership Costs
  • How Much Can You Afford?
    • How Much you Can Spend on your Mortgage
    • How Much you Can Pay for your Second Home
    • How to Budget for a More Expensive Home
  • What and Where to Buy
    • Reviewing your House-Type options
      • Choosing a Property Type
      • Comparing Property Types
    • New Construction or Existing Home?
    • Finding for a location
      • Investment
      • Second Home
      • Retirement
  • Finding the Right Home
    • Evaluating Physical Condition
    • Adding Contingencies to your offer
      • Property Search for investors
      • Property Search for Vacationers
      • Property Search for Retirees
    • Choosing a worthwhile investment
  • Experts Can Save Time and Money
    • Working With Real Estate Agents
    • Working With Mortgage Brokers
      • Working With Attorneys
      • Working With Appraisers
      • Working With Inspectors
    • Working With Title Companies
    • Financial and Estate Planners
    • Tax Professionals
  • Fixer-Uppers
    • Are they a good deal?
    • Ready for Chaos?
    • Planning for Tenants?
    • How much does it Cost
      • For distinct types of repairs
        • Doing walk-throughs
        • Opinion from an inspector
        • Estimate from a contractor
      • How Will you Pay for Repairs?
      • Who Will do the Work?
      • Keeping Track of Costs
  • Buying from Sellers (FSBO)
    • Why Some Sellers go without a Real Estate Agent
    • Watch for inconsistent Pricing of FSBOs
      • Dealing With FSBO Sellers
      • Getting a Real Estate Agent’s Help
    • Finding FSBO Houses
  • Raising Up-Front Cash  
    • Building your Savings
    • Borrowing What you Can’t Save
  • Family and Friends Can Help
    • What is a Private Home loan?
      • How Private Home loan Helps the Family
      • How a Private Home loan Helps You
      • How a Private Home loan Helps Others
    • Combining Private loans with other loans
    • Choosing your interest Rate
    • Requesting the loan
    • Preparing the loan Paperwork
    • After you Receive the loan
  • Mortgage Options
    • Second-Home Mortgages
    • Lower your interest Rate
    • Improve your Credit Score
    • Where to get a Mortgage
  • Buying with Others
    • The Pros and Cons of a Shared Purchase
    • Finding a Shared-Purchase Partner
      • How to determine Co-buyer Compatibility
      • Co-ownership options for Holding Title
      • Co-ownership Agreements
    • Whether to Form a Separate Business Entity
  • Being a landlord
    • Should you Be a landlord?
    • Long- or Short-Term Rentals?
      • Long-Term Rentals
      • Seasonal Short-Term Rentals
    • Property Management
    • Property Insurance
  • Tax-Saving Strategies
    • Second-Home Taxes
    • How to Lower Taxes
    • Deductions for Rentals
    • Minimize Capital Gains

Read about lifestyle influences! an important consideration to getting the right home on the Texas coast.

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