Investment Opportunities


There are many different types of properties that investors are interested in, and the type of property that an investor is looking for will depend on their investment goals and strategy. Some investors may be interested in purchasing properties that they can renovate and sell for a profit, while others may be interested in holding onto properties as long-term investments and generating income through rental properties.

Property Types for investors include:

  1. Single-family homes: These are standalone homes that are not attached to any other homes. They can be a good investment for investors looking to generate rental income or for those looking to flip properties.
  2. Multifamily properties: These are properties with multiple units, such as apartments or duplexes. This can be a good investment for investors looking to generate rental income.
  3. Commercial properties: These are properties used for business purposes, such as office buildings, retail stores, or industrial warehouses. These can be a good investment for investors looking to generate income through leasing or for those looking to develop the property.
  4. Vacation properties: These are properties that are used for vacation rentals, such as beach houses or ski chalets. These can be a good investment for investors looking to generate income through short-term rentals.
  5. Land: Investors may also be interested in purchasing land with the intention of holding onto it as a long-term investment or developing it in the future.

A confluence of trends is fueling the ongoing interest in investment property, the most basic factor is the economy. It’s a safe place to put your money, and there are great tax benefits to it as well.

Knowing the stage of the Real Estate Cycle is key to a successful strategy!

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  • Long-term rentals have been the staple of the real estate industry and remain popular today. These types of properties can range from large apartment complexes to individual homes and condominiums.
  • The rise of vacation homes for short-term rentals has been a game changer for the real estate investment world. Airbnb pioneered the niche, yet other companies operate in the sector like Vacasa and VRBO (HomeAway/Expedia).  Most vacation home buyers purchase within a 2 to 3 hour driving time from their primary residence, and consider rental regulations, return on investment, and commitment to being a business owner.
  • Home flipping is another strategy where investors buy discount property to improve and resell for a quick profit.

How Money is Made Through Real Estate

Appreciation – Property values increase due to:

  • Location and proximity (beach/bay)
  • Neighborhood Development
  • Property Improvements

Income – Properties generate money when rented for:

  • Commercial Use
  • Residential Use
  • Short-term vacation rentals
  • Long-term rentals
Ways to Invest

  • Land speculation
  • Property flipping
  • Short-term rentals
  • Small-scale residential rental properties
  • Large-scale residential rental properties
  • Commercial real estate
  • Real estate investment trusts (REITs)
Factors for Investing

  • Investment purpose and Investment horizon
  • Expected cash flows and profit opportunities
  • New construction vs. existing property
  • Property Valuation and Forecast
  • Mortgage Rates, Leverage, Credit
  • Local Market Conditions
  • Property Location


The Census building permits chart (click to view) illustrates why we think South Padre is the best opportunity for investment-development on the Texas Coast.  South Padre was the only coastal area that did not have a building boom after the previous market correction and there is available land plus demand greater than supply.

Qualified Opportunity Zones (QOZ)
Galveston and South Padre have Qualified Opportunity Zones to encourage economic growth with development tax benefits.

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