Coastal Communities

Fall in love! The long, languid coastline of Texas takes her own sweet time seducing the senses. Lacking the immediate drama of an initial encounter with the California Big Sur or the soothing tropical ambiance of the Florida Keys, she is not a stunner at first sight. But give her time and that fine line where Texas meets the sea will steal your heart.

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Peninsulas and islands, cities and towns, beaches, and parks, all extend their own magical allure. You will find every citified and seaside attraction imaginable along the Texas Gulf coast. Texas Beaches and Dunes Cordgrass and marshes support a rich array of marine life and provide wintering grounds for birds and scattered tallgrass.

It’s no wonder that coastal communities are the most densely populated and fastest growing areas in the country. The opportunities and resources that originally lured Native Americans and settlers continue to attract people to the coast today. Throughout the year, tourists travel to the shore to enjoy recreational activities and visit locales with relaxed surroundings.

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