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How we determine the rare and remarkable list

The combined mindset of our top realtors and developers on the coast, armed with our market statistics, produced a list of “rare and remarkable” properties that are a sure bet for value and appreciation in the future.

Our Basic Criteria:

  1. The properties being built, as well as the location, are rare and unique.
  2. The owners and developers of the projects are reputable and solidly financed.
  3. The project has impressive amenities for the homes and community that exceeds what’s already available.
  4. The project has a good marketing plan and sales operation team in place to ensure long-term success.
  5. The project must not have major erosion and insurance issues.
  6. The project is sustainable with the latest energy efficient, storm-resistant, and community technologies.
  7. The project design and price range fit the buyer profile for the area and surrounding properties.
  8. The project and personnel are in good standing with the community. (Government, Chamber and Realtors)
  9. The project’s demand is growing, and the is not likely to be incomplete.
  10. The project’s audience, part of town, and lifestyle are the right match.

High-rises and new urban neighborhoods dominate our “rare and remarkable” picks and lead price growth and time on market statistics on the Texas coast.

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