Distinct parts of town, neighborhoods, and lifestyles on the Texas coast

A resort town, resort city or resort destination, is an urban area where tourism or vacationing is the primary component of the local culture and economy, like the Texas coast barrier islands! The views on these islands, looking at them or doing stuff on them, is the primary natural attribute of the coast that attracts people. In most cases just being where one can easily walk to the view is enough, especially since the best views of the natural attributes are an order of magnitude more expensive to own or rent.

  • We’re evolving from just showing listings to providing homebuyers a genuine feel for what it’s really like to live in a neighborhood and distinct parts of town for our coastal areas that significantly affect lifestyle. Our mission to help people discover a place they’ll love to own or live in led us to launch our new site that will improve the way buyers find their next home on the Texas coast!
  • In our years of research, buyers told us that the right part of town and lifestyle is just as important as the home itself, and yet, getting a genuine feel of what it’s like to live on the Texas coast is extremely difficult. Neighborhoods are more than scenery, amenities, or proximity to the nearest school; people hold deep attachments to neighborhoods, full of deep feelings of identity, pride, future possibilities, family life, and belonging. We knew we needed to help buyers discover the right neighborhood for them, so we reimagined Texas Beach Homes to bring our coastal market areas and neighborhoods to life online.

Location is important for ownership enjoyment and to the resale value of your home. The idea is to buy a house that you’ll love and that will appeal to the largest number of potential future homebuyers. A careful choice of location can minimize potential negative influences on future resale value and maximize positive influences.

Buyer’s Remorse

In fact, buying in the wrong part of town is the biggest mistake people make in our market and that leads to a reluctant for sale sign, monetary loss, and negative feelings about our Texas coast. For example, a live-in senior buying in a nightlife resort area is not a good fit.

  • You can avoid this kind of mistake by knowing more about our parts of town and lifestyles.
  • State and federal laws prevent us from publicly discussing some of the more relevant details pertaining to lifestyle and part of town, yet we can as members of this site. Tell me more about membership.

Better Coastal Criteria

Views (what you look at or do) Parts of town (where you live) Lifestyles (who you are)
Beach, Bay, Canal, Golf course, Lake, Park, Town, Interior Live-in own/rent, Resort, Second home, RV own/rent, MF Senior, Family, Sports, Nightlife, Worker, Alternative

  • These coastal resort criteria (views, parts-of-town, lifestyles) should be considered along with basic real estate criteria such as location, price, property type, bedrooms, age, and municipal/HOA restrictions; in addition, elevation and storm resistance should be considered for climate change.
  • How you prioritize these criteria depends on your specific needs and if you’re a developer, investor, owner, or renter.
  • To help we’ve also included a remarkable section to illustrate best-in-class examples and highlight some of our favorites, and we have members-only reports on what influenced past project success and failures.

Discover the place you’ll love to live

See how easy we’ve made it to search for property, and to analyze and compare market statistics, for the entire Texas coast, with our three simple dropdowns for views, parts of town, and lifestyles.

  • We accurately include all the properties by reprocessing the entire MLS for each Texas coast area using advanced technology with artificial intelligence and spatial analysis by criterion unique for our region.
  • Developed by an experienced and expert group of multigenerational Texans who know the metros and the coast with a long-term outlook and genuinely care about the people and places.

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