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Architectural services refer to the professional services provided by an architect. These services include the design, planning, and oversight of the construction of buildings, structures, and other physical environments. Architects work with clients to understand their needs and goals for a project, and then use that information to create detailed plans and drawings for the project. They may also work with other professionals such as engineers, surveyors, and contractors to ensure that the project is built to the highest standards and meets all necessary building codes and regulations.

Architects typically begin a project by conducting a site analysis and creating conceptual design plans. They then develop detailed architectural drawings, including floor plans, elevations, sections, and details, which are used by builders and contractors to construct the project. Architects also often oversee the construction process, making sure that the project is built according to the plans and specifications, and addressing any issues that arise during the construction process.

Architects can be involved in different types of projects such as residential, commercial, industrial, and institutional buildings, as well as urban planning and landscape design. They also can provide services such as feasibility studies, cost estimates, building evaluations, and sustainability assessments.

We offer coastal architectural and design services!

We’re the only broker on the Texas coast with an integrated architectural service, and we can lead you through the entire project delivery cycle from the creation of the concept, to estimating cost and feasibility analysis, into Site and Environmental Planning and on to Design, Engineering, Construction Document Preparation and Execution.

No Job is too big or too small. Utilizing state of the art technology and efficient work methods – we can deliver projects ranging from small scale residential construction up to 500-acre entertainment districts developments.

We love architecture and design of all types and sizes.

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