Texas Metro Demand for Coastal Real Estate

Texas Metro Demand for Coastal Real Estate

Except for Dallas (which prefers Destin Florida by airplane), Texas metro demand for coastal real estate is primarily driven by driving distance to the beach. As is the case for most second-home markets.

  • Texas Metro real estate interest charts, from the huge amount of data collected from Google search history, align wonderfully with our website analytics and actual sales, with an added ability to predict sales trends six months in advance!
  • This is particularly useful to help identify the peaks and bottoms of our 10+ year-long real estate cycle, yet even then, it’s difficult to spot and separate the long-term trends from our strong seasonal cycles, as you’ll see in the charts below.
  • Fortunately, we’ve become good at spotting the trends and will publish reports six months before we’re sure the markets are at a peak or bottom.

Below are snapshots that illustrate demand.

Texas Metro Markets (click on metro name to view chart)

  1. Dallas / Fort Worth > Destin Florida
  2. Houston > Galveston Island Texas
  3. Austin / San Antonio > Port Aransas
  4. Mcallen / Monterrey > South Padre Island