Questions to Ask BEFORE You Build on the Texas Coast

Questions to Ask Your Contractor BEFORE You Build or Repair on the Texas Coast

  1. Is the construction being done to meet the Windstorm Building Code?
  2. Are the products that are going to be used on my house approved by the Texas Department of Insurance (TDI)? This information can be obtained by contacting your local field office or a listing of Product Evaluations is available on the TDI website.
  3. Am I going to get a windstorm inspection on this project?
    Inspections must be performed to determine compliance with Windstorm requirements.
  4. If so, will the inspection be made by a TDI inspector or by an engineer appointed by the Commissioner of the Texas Department of Insurance?
    Either party may make the inspections. However, it is to your advantage to know who you will be able to discuss your inspections with.
  5. Who will coordinate the inspections and when will they be performed?
    Normally, it is the contractor who should coordinate the inspection dates and times. It is essential for the inspections to occur during the construction phase.
  6. Will I be kept informed as to the status of the inspections?
    Each inspector should leave documentation outlining the findings of each phase of the project. Being kept informed of inspection times will also allow you to personally meet with the inspector and discuss any issues which may be present.
  7. What are my options if my project is disapproved?
    You should discuss with your inspector AND builder/roofer what corrective measures are necessary for the project to be compliant.
  8. If my project is approved, when do I receive my WPI-8?
    Once the inspector submits the appropriate documentation to the Austin Windstorm office, it is checked and processed. If everything is in order, a WPI-8 will be posted on the TWI website (please allow three (3) working days). A hard copy of the WPI-8 is also mailed to the submitter (please allow one (1) week to receive).
  9. What should I do when the WPI-8 arrives?
    The WPI-8 should be stored in a safe place along with your other valuable papers. Always inform your insurance agent when you have construction projects and make them aware that you did get the WPI-8. Your agent will want to add a copy of the WPI-8 to your file, which can be printed from the TDI website
  10. Is the house built to the windstorm building code and eligible for wind and hail insurance?
    In the first-tier counties along the Texas coast, it is in the best interest of a homeowner to require the builder to furnish a Certificate of Compliance upon completion of the home. The Certificate of Compliance is “proof of eligibility” for wind and hail insurance coverage through the State’s catastrophe pool, the Texas Windstorm Insurance Association (TWIA).