Buyers Agents

What is a Buyer Agent?

A real estate buyer’s agent represents the buyer who is purchasing property in a real estate transaction. Research by the National Association of REALTORS has shown that when a buyer’s representative is used, the prospective buyer found a home faster and examined more properties than consumers who did not use a buyer’s representative.

  • The buyer’s representative works for, and owes fiduciary responsibilities to, the real estate buyer and has the buyer’s best interests in mind throughout the entire real estate process.
  • Who do we represent? We represent you. That is, we work for you! Most buyers today realize that to protect their best interests, they should have their own real estate agent, someone who is knowledgeable about the market and comfortable coordinating the many details of the transaction.
  • A buyer who relies on the seller’s agent does not receive the same degree of legal protection or representation as that afforded by an agent acting on behalf of the buyer.

Buyer Agent Activities

  • Here are just some of the items we will do for you as your Buyer’s Agent:
  • Give you our 100% commitment to you to serve as your Buyer Agent
  • We make sure the sellers live up to all their promises
  • Discuss the Buyer Agent Agreement contract
  • Determine what your needs and desires are for your next home.
  • Discover you likes and dislikes about your current home
  • Conduct a Financial Pre-Qualification to be sure we look in the right price range
  • Arrange an appointment with your lender to obtain mortgage Pre-Approval (highly recommended)
  • Search our proprietary database for properties that fit your criteria
  • Present search results for your review in hardcopy or electronic format
  • Escort you on all property tours
  • Provide and explain Seller Disclosures
  • Prepare and discuss the Competitive Market Analysis for the home you select
  • Discuss the importance of a Home Inspection and an Appraisal
  • Explain options regarding Home Warranties
  • Discuss elements of a written Purchase Agreement
  • Develop an effective negotiation strategy to get the best price and terms
  • Prepare Purchase Agreement for desired property
  • Present Purchase Agreement to Seller or Seller’s Agent
  • Provide estimate of funds required to close
  • Keep you informed of all progress (and problems if any) associated with the Purchase Agreement
  • Ensure your timely compliance with elements of the offer
  • Ensure inspections and reports are conducted in a timely manner
  • Ensure accurate closing statement prior to closing
  • Attending closing with you
  • Arrange for timely transfer of utility services over to you
    and much more!

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