Living the dream, making a great investment along the coast

PortA 002 (Custom)In the not-too-distant future, some smart company will realize that relocating to the coast makes a lot of sense as both an investment and a productivity strategy. People are already working together internationally together – especially in the high tech industry — and there’s no reason to office wherever inspiration lives. Why not put a high-tech campus on the  — we’re just a couple of hours from the country’s third-largest tech center?  I get so inspired looking at the ocean — the view gets me up and at my desk every day, the calls me for a walk at lunch, and the sound of the waves lulls me to sleep at night. For now, as this article mentions,  in small- and mid-sized cities — like the booming towns along the coast – is a great buy.
There are great opportunities to invest in rental property small and mid-size cities. Before you dismiss this option in favor of investing in a primary , take a look at why these alternative markets are attractive. There’s demand, job growth, less competition, and lower barriers to entry. Developers and investors who are new to the can see great returns in smaller mid-size cities if they know what to look for. Mid-size cities have growth in the education, health care, and industrial sectors, but telecommuting has also allowed Americans to be much more flexible with where they work. Mid-size cities are great places to invest because they were the most stable during the recession when it came to employment and saw more job growth than the national county average. In fact, small and mid-size cities are accounting for the majority of urban regions in the U.S. adding jobs at the fastest rate.